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2020 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice & Special Sale

by Nickel Yip on January 06, 2020

Dear Customers, 

As Chinese New Year will come on Jan 25th. 2020, our company shipment and festival leave schedule as follows:

1. DHL parcels are not able to despatch after Jan 10th, 2010.

2. Normal parcels are not able to despatch after Jan 15th, 2019.

3. Spreepicky and Cospicky 2020 Spring Festival Holiday is from Jan 20th, 2020 to Feb 2nd, 2020. During this period, please help yourselves shopping and extra free cute gifts will be given <3

Code👉🏻 CNY10 - 10$ Off On 50$ Spend

Code👉🏻 CNY20 - 20$ Off On 100$ Spend

Code👉🏻 CNY30 - 30$ Off On 150$ Spend

4. Orders and emails will be handled when we will be back on Feb 3rd, 2020.

P.S Our customer service will be on duty on Jan 29th and Jan 30th. 2020 GMT +8 9am-5pm, if you have any question, please contact us via online chat/Instagram/Facebook.

We're truly thankful for your great support as always n_n

Wish you all have a wonderful day.

Spreepicky Team

Cospicky Team

Jan 6th, 2020


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