Cospicky Genshin Cushion Giveaway
Hey guys,
Wish you all have a nice day!
Here comes our new giveaway ^-^
A free genshin cushion for you! You can choose the color you want 😘
Cospicky Genshin Cushion Giveaway
Click photo or here to check and buy the pillow
2 Winners will be picked, 1 winner from Instagram, 1 winner from the rafflecopter
🎐 Link to Instagram entering, click here to join
🎐 Enter below for joining 
The giveaway will be ended on 18th May, 2021.
Winners will be annouced on Instagram and Facebook!
⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣🌍Free Shipping at 30$ to US & Worldwide
Good luck everyone ^_^
May 11, 2021 — Service Customer

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