Frozen Anna - Cosplay Costume CP151787

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Material: made of polar fleece
The items include:
1. Cloa*1pcs
2. Waistcoat*1pcs
3. Shirt*1pcs
4. Dress*1pcs
5. Gloves*2pcs
Size Reference:
Female Size
Size XXS
Waist: 57-59cm/22.44"-23.23"
Hips: 84-86cm/33.07"-33.86"
Size XS
Height: 153-157cm/5'0"-5'2"
Bust: 79-81cm/31.1"-31.89"
Waist: 60-62cm/23.62"-24.41"
Hips: 87-89cm/34.25"-35.04"
Size S
Height: 158-162cm/5'2"-5'4"
Bust: 82-84cm/32.28"-33.07"
Waist: 63-65cm/24.8"-25.59"
Hips: 90-92cm/35.43"-36.22"
Size M
Height: 163-167cm/5'4"-5'6"
Bust: 85-87cm/33.46"-34.25"
Waist: 66-68cm/25.98"-26.77"
Hips: 93-95cm/36.61"-37.4"
Size L
Height: 168-172cm/5'6"-5'8"
Bust: 88-90cm/34.65"-35.43"
Waist: 69-71cm/27.17"-27.95"
Hips: 96-98cm/37.8"-38.58"
Size XL
Height: 173-177cm/5'8"-5'10"
Bust: 91-93cm/35.83"-36.61"
Waist: 72-74cm/28.35"-29.13"
Hips: 99-101cm/38.98"-39.76"
Size XXL
Height: 178-182cm/5'10"-6'0"
Bust: 94-96cm/37.01"-37.8"
Waist: 75-77cm/29.53"-30.31"
Hips: 102-104cm/40.16"-40.94"
Height: 183-187cm/6'0"-6'2"
Bust: 97-99cm/38.19"-38.98"
Waist: 78-80cm/30.71"-31.5"
Hips: 105-107cm/41.34"-42.13"
Children Size
Size S
Height: 110-130cm/3'7"-4'3"
Bust: 55-64cm/21.65"-25.2"
Waist: 50-56cm/19.69"-22.05"
Hips: 60-72cm/23.62"-28.35"
Size L
Height: 130-150cm/4'3"-4'92"
Bust: 65-74cm/25.59"-29.13"
Waist: 57-62cm/22.44"-24.41"
Hips: 73-83cm/28.74"-32.68"

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