DARLING in the FRANXX Cosplay Uniform CP1812249 – Cospicky
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DARLING in the FRANXX Cosplay Uniform CP1812249

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  • Material: made of cotton
  • Size: L/M/S/XL/One size/Custom made(please leave your size)
  • Option: Uniform with socks/ICHIGO wig only/KOKORO wig only/MIKU wig only/Cloak only
  • Size for Refernce:
  • Size for female:
  • Size Bust Waist Hip
    XXS 76cm/29.92"-78cm/30.71" 57cm/22.44"-59cm/23.23" 84cm/33.07"-86cm/33.86"
    XS 79cm/31.10"-81cm/31.89" 60cm/23.62"-62cm/24.41" 87cm/34.25"-89cm/35.04"
    S 82cm/32.28"-84cm/33.07" 63cm/24.80"-65cm/25.59" 90cm/35.43"-92cm/36.22"
    M 85cm/33.46"-87cm/34.25" 66cm/25.98"-68cm/26.77" 93cm/36.61"-95cm/37.40"
    L 88cm/34.65"-90cm/35.43" 69cm/27.17"-71cm/27.95" 96cm/37.80"-98cm/38.58"
    XL 91cm/35.83"-93cm/36.61" 72cm/28.35"-74cm/29.13" 99cm/38.98"-101cm/39.76"
    2XL 94cm/37.01"-96cm/37.80" 75cm/29.53"-77cm/30.31" 102cm/40.16"-104cm/40.94"
    3XL 97cm/38.19"-99cm/38.98" 78cm/30.71"-80cm/31.50" 105cm/41.34"-107cm/42.13"
  • Size for male:
  • Size Bust Waist Hip
    XXS 84cm/33.07"-86cm/33.86" 72cm/28.35"-74cm/29.13" 85cm/33.46"-87cm/34.25"
    XS 87cm/34.25"-89cm/35.04" 75cm/29.53"-77cm/30.31" 88cm/34.65"-90cm/35.43"
    S 90cm/35.43"-92cm/36.22" 78cm/30.71"-80cm/31.50" 91cm/35.83"-93cm/36.61"
    M 93cm/36.61"-95cm/37.40" 81cm/31.89"-83cm/32.68" 94cm/37.01"-96cm/37.80"
    L 96cm/37.80"-98cm/38.58" 84cm/33.07"-86cm/33.86" 97cm/38.19"-99cm/38.98"
    XL 99cm/38.98"-101cm/39.76" 87cm/34.25"-89cm/35.04" 100cm/39.37"-102cm/40.16"
    2XL 102cm/40.16"-104cm/40.94" 90cm/35.43"-92cm/36.22" 103cm/40.55"-105cm/41.34"
    3XL 105cm/41.34"-107cm/42.13" 93cm/36.61"-95cm/37.40" 106cm/41.73"-108cm/42.52"
  • Please read below if you need custom made size:
  • -Custom making takes about 15-20 days;
  • -Please make sure to check your email regularly after order;
  • -Email of size confirmation and shipping date will be sent within 48 hours;
  • -Your order shipment might be delayed if lack of confirmation.
  • All measurements must be your net body size, please do not add it extra.
  • The date you need to get the costume:
  • Gender: male or female
  • Height from foot to head (cm or feet): Weight (kg or lbs):
  • Shoulder to shoulder length (cm or inch):
  • Bust (cm or inch):
  • Waist (cm or inch):
  • Hip (cm or inch):
  • Arm girth (cm or inch):
  • Wrist girth (cm or inch):
  • Sleeves Length (cm or inch):


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