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13 designs Emoji Emoticons Face Dust Mask CP141360

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Our friends are super cute with the masks, right? Thanks for the model photos from @anzujaamy @jackocalypse @fetsu and other customers feedback photos!

the Kanji above the "HENTAI" - 绅士 means "Gentleman'', it doesn't means "变态" to the original meaning of Hentai, make sure you know this before ordering, thanks for understanding.
The original design for this mask means a gentleman actually a hentai <33333

Super kawaii Emoji dust mask, tell me you need ONE ヾ(*´▽‘*)

Total 13 emoji choices for you, please refer to the photo # and choose the ones you want to express ♪(^∀^●)

**But some of them are very few stock, so if you can't order some #, that means sold out already

So, hurry up o(>ω<)o

Again, this is not free shipping item, please order it together with other items on store so you can enjoy free shipping too :3

Warm tips for washing:
1. Do not twist the printing part;
2. Do not wash with decolorizer;
3. Do not wash with water temperature higher than 40℃.
4. Please dry in nature sunshine;
5. Please do not iron the printing part.

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