Commission Request Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (When They Cry) - Ryuuguu Reina Cosplay Dress CP153111

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Thank you for @cutie_ciel_cosplay and yuno_gasai1417 on instagram review! :)


Please leave note for the date you need the costume/wig/shoes/accessories so we can have in mind!
(We will contact you to discuss if we can meet up your urgent events)

Material: made of Uniform Fabric

The items include:
1. Dress*1pcs
2. Tie*1pcs
3. Bow Tie*1pcs

Custom size please provide below measurements:
Your gender: male or female
Your height from foot to head(cm or feet):
Your weight: (kg or lbs):
Your shoulder to shoulder length(inch):
Your Bust (inch):
Your Waist(inch):
Your hip(inch):
Your arm girth (inch):
Sleeve length (inch):
Dress length (inch):

Tolerance Range: 2-5cm/0.79"-1.97"

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