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UA Class 1-A

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Ever since U.A. High School was founded, Class 1-A has always been comprised of the most promising and strongest students in the current hero society. The class is also led by some of the strongest pro-heroes such the world’s former number one hero All Might and Eraserhead. Moreover, during the UA Sports Festival Arc, all eyes from the pro-hero companies were innately focussed on purely recruiting the strongest students from Class 1-A such as; Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo and more.

Class 1-A has such a wide variety of personalities that you can’t help but grow to love and these My Hero Academia Nike Shoes are the best way to show some wholesome love !

The hero students of Class 1-A are some of the best characters in anime, so make sure you grab yourself these My Hero Academia Nike Shoes and prove to everyone just how invested you are in the series !

  • Large choice of size
  • 3D Digital printing, original design
  • Trendy Japanese Style
  • Converse Style
  • Durable : Rubber sole
  • Anti-sweat : Airy and breathable structure
  • Comfort + : Padded "Grip" sole
  • Canvas, soft rubber

We advice you to take your usual size.

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