S-XL My Little Monster Kawaii Custom Made Cosplay Costume CP167261

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Material: made of thick satin 


Full set include:

Size Reference:
for female:
Size Shoulder Bust Waist Hip
S 42cm/16.54 " 88cm/34.65 " 68cm/26.77 " 90cm/35.43 "
M 44cm/17.32 " 92cm/36.22 " 78cm/30.71 " 94cm/37.01 "
L 46cm/18.11 " 103cm/40.55 " 85cm/33.46 " 105cm/41.34 "
XL 48cm/18.90 " 112cm/44.09 " 95cm/37.40 " 114cm/44.88 "
for male:
Size Bust Waist Hip
81cm/31.89 " 61cm/24.02 " 88cm/34.65 "
88cm/34.65 " 66cm/25.98 " 93cm/36.61 "
95cm/37.40 " 75cm/29.53 " 99cm/38.98 "
XL 103cm/40.55 " 81cm/31.89 " 104cm/40.94 "


You can custom made your size too, please provide below accurate body measurement:

Your gender (female or male):

Your heigh (cm or inch):

Your weight (kg or lbs):

Your shoulder to shoulder length (cm or inch):

Your bust (cm or inch):

Your arm cir (cm or inch):

Your waist (cm or inch):

Your hip (cm or inch):

Sleeve Length (cm or inch):

Dress length (cm or inch):