Yoimiya Full Set Cosplay Costume and Accessories CC0197

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Anime:Genshin Impact!


Materials:dark jacquard fabric+spandex+satin+wash water leather+EVA

Include:Clogs and bows are not included)

(1)Costume : coat+blue corset+black corset+skirt piece+back piece+boob tube top+shorts+handguard+leggings+Taiko knot+gloves+leg guard+necklace+purse+ear clip+shoulder rope+bowknot+tattoo sticker+eye of God+bracelet+leg rope+hand ribbon+waist rope+leg rope+socks*2+headwear*4

Colour may be a little different between CRT and LCD screens. PLEASE DON'T BUY if you are too sensitive to the slightest colour difference.

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Yoimiya Genshin Impact Full Set Cosplay Costume and