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Persona 5 Sakura Futaba Cosplay Daily Wear Coat CP1711475

Persona 5 Sakura Futaba Cosplay Daily Wear Coat CP1711475

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Material: made of cotton

Option: Fermale/Male

Size: SS/S/M/L/LL/Custom made size

Item include:Coat/T-shirt/Shorts/Waistband

Size Reference of Female
Size Bust Waist Hip
XS 68cm/26.77"-75cm/29.53" 51cm/20.08"-56cm/22.05" 76cm/29.92"-82cm/32.28"
S 75cm/29.53"-81cm/31.89" 56cm/22.05"-61cm/24.02" 82cm/32.28"-88cm/34.65"
M 81cm/31.89"-88cm/34.65" 61cm/24.02"-66cm/25.98" 88cm/34.65"-93cm/36.61"
L 88cm/34.65"-95cm/37.40" 86cm/33.86"-75cm/29.53" 93cm/36.61"-99cm/38.98"
XL 95cm/37.40"-103cm/40.55" 75cm/29.53"-81cm/31.89" 98cm/38.58"-104cm/40.94"


Size Reference of Male

Size Shoulder Bust Waist Hip
S 42cm/16.54" 84cm/33.07"-88cm/34.65" 70cm/27.56"-74cm/29.13" 86cm/33.86"-90cm/35.43"
M 44cm/17.32" 88cm/34.65"-92cm/36.22" 74cm/29.13"-78cm/30.71" 90cm/35.43"-94cm/37.01"
L 46cm/18.11" 92cm/36.22"-96cm/37.80" 78cm/30.71"-82cm/32.28" 94cm/37.01"-98cm/38.58"
XL 48cm/18.90" 96cm/37.80"-100cm/39.37" 82cm/32.28"-86cm/33.86" 98cm/38.58"-102cm/40.16"
XXL 50cm/19.69" 100cm/39.37"-104cm/40.94" 86cm/33.86"-90cm/35.43" 102cm/40.16"-106cm/41.73"


Please read below if you need custom made size:

-Custom making takes about 15-30 days;

-Please make sure to check your email regularly after order;

-Email of size confirmation and shipping date will be sent within 48 hours;

-Your order shipment might be delayed if lack of confirmation.

All measurements must be your net body size, please do not add it extra.

The date you need to get the costume:

Gender: male or female

Height from foot to head (cm or feet):

Weight (kg or lbs):

Shoulder to shoulder length (cm or inch):

Bust (cm or inch):

Waist (cm or inch):

Hip (cm or inch):

Arm girth (cm or inch):

Wrist girth (cm or inch):

Sleeves Length (cm or inch):

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