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Tassel Hoodie Vintage Sweatshirt Skirt Set

Tassel Hoodie Vintage Sweatshirt Skirt Set

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    Tassel Hoodie Vintage Sweatshirt Skirt Set

    Experience a touch of elegance with our Tassel Hoodie Vintage Sweatshirt Skirt Set. The soft and comfortable material will keep you cozy while the tassel detailing adds a vintage chic touch. Perfect for a casual day out or a night in, this set will elevate your style effortlessly.

    Size Info.


    M:Bust 94 cm. Length 50 cm. Sleeve 67 cm

    L:Bust 100 cm. Length 51 cm. Sleeve 68 CM

    XL:Bust 106 cm. Length 52 cm. Sleeve 70 CM

    2XL:Bust 112 cm. Length 53 cm. Sleeve 71 cm

    3XL:Bust 118 cm. Length 54 cm. Sleeve 73 cm

    4XL:Bust 124 cm. Length 55 cm. Sleeve 74 cm

    5XL:Bust 130 cm. Length 56 cm. Sleeve 76 cm

    M:;Length 59 cm. Waist 62 cm

    L: Length 60 cm. Waist 66 cm

    XL:Length 61 cm. Waist 72 cm

    2XL:Length 62 cm. Waist 78 cm

    3XL:Length 63 cm. Waist 84 cm

    4XL:Length 64 cm. Waist 90 cm

    5XL:Length 65 cm. Waist 96 cm

    All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly. Please check size info. before order.

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