[Sailor Moon Luna] Kitten Homewear Hoodie CP141622

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Super cute Sailor Moon Luna, don't leave it alone!

Price is for one piece  only, you can get the slippers shoes here.

Material: made of flannel

Design details:
1. Pockets in the waist sides
2. Zipper on the hip side, so you can unzip it freely

Colors: Purple

Size reference:

Size S:
Clothes length: 132cm/51.96"
Bust: 122cm/48.03"

Shoulder to crotch: 112cm/44.09"

Shoulder to shoulder: 46cm/18.11"

Sleeve length: 60cm/23.62"

Suggestion for height: 145CM-155CM (57"-61")
Size M:
Clothes length: 142cm/55.90"
Bust: 128cm/50.39"

Shoulder to crotch: 117cm/46.06"

Shoulder to shoulder: 48cm/18.89"

Sleeve length: 62cm/24.40"

Suggestion for height: 155CM-165CM (61"-65")
Size L:
Clothes length: 152cm/59.84"
Bust: 133cm/52.36"

Shoulder to crotch: 122cm/48.03"

Shoulder to shoulder: 50cm/19.68"

Sleeve length: 64cm/25.19"

Suggestion for height: 165CM-175CM (65"-69")
Size XL:
Clothes length: 162cm/63.77"
Bust: 168cm/66.14"

Shoulder to crotch: 128cm/50.39"

Shoulder to shoulder: 52cm/20.47"

Sleeve length: 66cm/25.98"

Suggestion for height: 175CM-185CM (69"-73")