Star Wars Imperial Officer Uniform Costume Deluxe Version NEW

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We updated the version according to 501st Legion's requirements.

Fabric is medium weight gabardine.

Tunic is double-breasted with a left over right closure on the tapered yoke.

Yoke comes up across the shoulder to the top shoulder seam.

The standing collar has square corners and is about 1.25" (31.8 mm) tall and closes snugly and includes a modesty panel behind closure.

Collar edges are closed with two eye hooks.

There are code cylinder pockets on both outside panels of the jacket from about half way between the top and bottom on the arm hole.

Tunic should be constructed with no top-stitching (stitches visible on the exterior surface of fabric) .

There is a dart of about 2" (50.8 mm) in the top center of the yoke.

The back of the tunic has princess seams that run vertically and turn outward to intersect the arm-hole seam at the vertical center.

There're darts which are along the waist seam, running upwar

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