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Sweet Maid Cat Paw Lolita Dress

Sweet Maid Cat Paw Lolita Dress

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    Sweet Maid Cat Paw Lolita Dress

    Indulge your inner Lolita with our Sweet Maid Cat Paw Dress. Soft and delicate like a cat's paw, this dress exudes an elegant charm. Perfect for tea parties and strolls in the garden, this dress will make you feel like a true Maid of the cat kingdom.

    Size Info. 

    M: Bust 85 cm. Length 78 cm. Waist 72 cm

    L: Bust 87 cm. Length 80 cm. Waist 77 cm

    XL: Bust 97 cm. Length 82 cm. Waist 87 cm

    2XL: Bust 103 cm. Length 85 cm. Waist 93 cm

    3XL: Bust 107 cm. Length 86 cm. Waist 98 cm

    4XL: Bust 111 cm. Length 88 cm. Waist 104 cm

    5XL: Bust 116 cm. Length 89 cm. Waist 113 cm

    All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly. Please check size info. before order.

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