Top Up Payment

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This page is for price difference only, no real items for this page.

Please order the right dollars with how much you need:

for example, if you need to pay 10 USD extra for some speical item, please order 10 pcs and tell the order # to customer service.

No shipment will take if you order this without notice.

Thank you for your cooperation :)

Customer Reviews

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Maxwell Engel
Super helpful feature. Does exactly what it’s meant to!

At first I was a little confused on how top-up worked but after reading the instructions, they were clear and told me what I needed to do in order to expedite the shipping process. Of course, as a customer, it is helpful to know/remember what the difference in shipping costs for the topped-up item was beforehand, but overall the system is great and I’m so glad it exists. If top-up didn’t exist, I would not have received my cosplay outfit before Halloween, which was a big deal for me.

Also, the staff actually communicated really well and the whole experience made me feel like I was receiving updates from actual people who cared about helping me instead of me seeing purely automated messages in my email.

Osama Mardod

The dress is very well made. the staff was very cooperative and helpful. The whole experience was amazing. Thank you for the beautiful dress <3 <3